Raggedy Ann
Any Other Way
Walk Away
Make It Right
10. Thick
11. Really Something
High School Reunion

I was having one of those days. Everything that could go wrong was going wrong and then to top it off my laptop drank a latte. As I heard the circuits short, my heart stopped beating and a lump started forming in my throat. I took a deep breath, calmed myself down and took my computer to see if I could get it fixed. They told me it would cost almost $2000 which basically meant I needed to buy a new laptop and that I lost about 3 weeks worth of work (I am a bad backer-upper). I went home, got into sweats, grabbed my guitar, turned on the TV and decided that I was just going to sit on the couch and cry for the rest of the day. I started playing and next thing I knew I was smiling. I am usually sort of cynical but in that moment I turned it around and decided to laugh at my horror instead of drowned in it.

I signed with Bardic Records and had about 3 weeks to write 5 new songs. I called my favorite co-writers/friends to help me write and keep me sane. I had made an appointment with Jenny Bruce www.jennybruce.com and she was on her way to my house when I realized that I had no ideas started for her to help me finish. I began writing something kind of heavy and then decided that it would be more fun to write a song about love without consequences, responsibility or regrets. Of course that doesn’t exist so I made believe it could even if it was for just a moment and came up with the first couple of lines. Jenny got to my house and we finished the song (which was originally called Fall For You) and then we went for a great dinner and had a few martinis. There were no consequences or regrets involved.

“Make It Right”
After first hearing this song my brother called me to ask me if everything was cool with me and my hubby…I had to remind him that not everything I write is about me. Unfortunately, a friend of mine was going through this horrible situation and would call me and talk to me about it. I would get off the phone feeling awful for her and would also pray that something like that would never happen to me. The whole thing would literally keep me up at night. This song was written at about 5AM after one of those nights.